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Road trips




Skiing / Snowshoeing


My digital photography can be mounted on foam core and matted to display, or for framing. In these examples, the image is 8 x 10 in, and the matting is 16 x 20 in. I can also mount on 11 x 14 in. white board with matting. If you have any questions, please contact me below.

I am a native Montreal artist who is passionate about nature and its preservation. Often, I will venture off the beaten path to find my inspiration.

My photographs are a prototype of the composition of light, colour and texture that may end up in an abstract painting.
The photograph captures an aspect of a message. It’s honest, about authenticity, not the perfection of nature.

I believe that some pictures need to be shared, just as they are, that frozen moment of an interesting event.
While I use basic editing, I do not alter the true nature of the photograph.

My goal is to show people the less obvious aspects of nature and get them more excited.

Canadian photographers are now, by default, the first owners of the copyright of the images they produce.
This applies to both photographs commissioned and paid by a client, and to photographs taken for non-commercial purposes.